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Big things often have small beginnings

Planting Trees

We know you can't all cycle to come on holiday with us, so we are taking steps to off-set your travel carbon footprint.


Our aim is to turn your journey to a net zero carbon dioxide journey.

Our first initiative has been to plant a Sequoia tree in Abvergavenny in central Wales supporting the One Tree One Life project. As well as planting a Sequoia, which can grow to 10ft in diameter and over 160ft in height, our donation has funded the planting of three native UK species to promote biodiversity.

The average UK person’s lifetime CO2 footprint is 520 tonnes.

The World’s largest Giant Sequoia has captured over 1400 tonnes.

One Tree.jpg

As our business grows so will the number of tree planting indicatives we support.


Whilst you are on holiday with us, if you would like to make a donation to our Tree Planting Fund please talk to us.


"The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it" ~ Robert Swan

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